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Process Safety Management (PSM)

Training Process Safety Management

This training process safety management provides an in-depth study of each PSM element. The training process safety management course introduces each PSM element and the specific guidelines for integrating PSM element requirements into other corporate programs and evaluating program compliance throughout the implementation phase. Case studies and exercises are used throughout the training process safety management course to illustrate interpretations of the requirements and demonstrate ways to develop an effective PSM program, including several video based case studies.

What You Will Learn on this Training Process Safety Management 

  • To interpret the performance-based requirements of the U.S. OSHA PSM and EPA risk management standards, as well as learn about related industry standards
  • The elements of process safety that are missing from typical PSM systems, including Human Factors elements (communication, human system interface, work environment, staffing, and fitness for duty), Facility Siting element, Project Risk Management, Senior Leadership & Accountability. The Risk-Based Process Safety (RBPS) guide (2007) from CCPS/AIChE is reviewed so you can understand how to close critical gaps
  • Multiple options for implementing an effective need-specific program
  • Specific guidelines for developing cost effective written programs tailored for each PSM element, whether for a single facility or a corporation
  • How to avoid costly implementation mistakes
  • Jargon for communicating PSM requirements to others throughout the organization
  • How to develop written programs to meet PSM requirements
  • How to incorporate and integrate the PSM element requirements into other corporate programs (other corporate management systems)
  • Key performance indicators
  • How to evaluate program compliance throughout implementation
  • How to begin implementation at your company
  • Additional training necessary for implementation of specific elements
  • The course uses actual and generic case studies, including several video-based case studies
  • To illustrate interpretations of PSM requirements
  • To demonstrate developing an effective PSM program that can be adapted for your facility

Training Process Safety Management (PSM) Program

  • Introduction to PSM and its origins and goals
  • Overview of PSM standards and regulations world-wide, definitions, compliance interpretations
  • Elements of Training Process Safety Management:
    • Human error basics
    • Elements missing from most PSM systems, including specific human factor aspects, management commitment & accountability, and project risk management
    • Employee participation
    • Trade secrets
    • Process safety information
    • Operating procedures
    • Hot work permit/safe works
    • Training
    • Contractors
    • Process hazard analysis
    • Management of change
    • Mechanical integrity
    • Pre-startup safety review
    • Emergency planning and respons
    • Incident investigation
    • Compliance auditing
  • Key Performance Indicators, Leading Indicators, and Tracking
  • Summary of roles and responsibilitie
  • Developing PSM programs, implementation planning

Who Should Attend?

This  training process safety management should attend by : 

  1. Managers – Operations, Safety, and Executive
  2. Engineers – Process, Safety, and Mechanical
  3. PSM Implementation Team Members – Anyone involved with implementation, including operators and maintenance personnel
  4. Compliance Auditors
  5. Environmental Management and Technicians

Jadwal Training Online

*(Training Online dilaksanakan pada Aplikasi Conference bisa diakses via Mobile ataupun Laptop/PC, info lebih lanjut hubungi kami)

Jadwal Training (Tatap Muka)

  • Offline, 28 – 30 Agustus 2023 (Jakarta)
  • Offline, 25 – 27 September 2023 (Jakarta)
  • Offline, 28 – 30 November 2023 (Jakarta)


Investasi (Online) :

  • Rp. 5.999,000- Rp. 4.699.000.-
    • Sertifikat Kehadiran 
    • Softcopy Materi

Investasi (Tatap Muka) :

    • Rp. 8.649.000,- Rp. 7.499.000,-
    • Modul Training  (hardcopy / softcopy)
    • Training Kit
    • Tempat training di hotel berbintang,
    • Makan Siang, coffee / tea break,
    • Sertifikat Attendance
    • Foto Bersama


Berdiri sejak tahun 2003, Phitagoras merupakan PJK3 Resmi Kemnaker dan satu – satunya QHSE Training & Consulting di Indonesia yang sudah memiliki sertifikat ISO 9001:2015 & OSHAS 18001:2007 dari British Standards Institution (BSI) serta memiliki 3 akreditasi internasional dari NEBOSH UK, CIEH UK dan British Safety Council. Phitagoras juga memperoleh lisensi Tempat Uji Kompetensi BNSP melalui LSP K3 ICCOSH dan LSP OSHE Nusantara.

Phitagoras sudah mendapatkan sertifikat verifikasi Tempat Uji Kompetensi dari Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi LSK K3 ICCOSH no 230/LSP LSK-K3/III/14 & LSP OSHE Nusantara.

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