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CSSC Certified Stores and Stock Controller

World First Authentic Practical Oriented Approach Certification in Warehousing, Stores and Stock Management

CSSC certification is designed to increase knowledge of the role of the store and warehouse, the functions of the store and warehouse personnel, how stock is managed and moved into through and out of the warehouse either to an internal customer or an external customer.

Operating within a store’s environment and managing the large quantities and value of stock is a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy. Gaining this competitive advantage requires being able to identify the various operations within the store and recognizing the need to implement continuous improvement initiatives to make a store more productive. Being able to identify different categories of stock and knowing how to best ensure the right material is in the right place at the time it is needed.

Why Gain CSSC Designation?

Why would you even THINK about a certification on stores and controlling stock?  Because of the amount and value of all the inventory that exists.  Proper management of stock and the warehouse can give you a great advantage when competing in today’s environment of the customer saying, “I want it now.”  Take our class NOW, pass the exam, and take your place on the cutting edge of managing your warehouse and be seen as the knowledge leader by your company in stores and stock control.

Perfect Program For

  1. Warehouse, distribution, logistics, stores and stock executives, supervisors, managers, head of the department particularly those at a supervisory level tasked with managing a supply chain, warehouse, stores and inventory, procurement management activities.
  2. Stock controllers, those entrusted with the management of a company’s financial investment in stocks, and stock levels
  3. Individuals wishing to enhance their knowledge of warehouse, stores and stock methodologies. Employees who may interact with higher-level supply chain leaders and wish to feel on equal footing regarding knowledge.

Bachelors’ and Masters-level students

who wish to supplement a masters/advanced degree with an equally advanced supply chain certification to gain competitive advantage in the job market


Certified Stores and Stock Controller is designed to help you develop an understanding of :


Introduction To Stores And Stock Control

  • Warehousing and Supply Chain Management
  • Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships
  • Customer Service


Store Safety And Security

  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Warehouse Safety and PPE
  • Emergency Situations and Precautions


Store Operations

  • Stores Layout
  • Stores Productivity and Continuous Improvement
  • Materials Handling and Storage Equipment
  • Transportation


Stock Identification & Stock Control

  • Classifying and Coding Stock
  • Stock taking and Stock Audits


Stock Movement

  • Inbound Logistics
  • Stock Issues
  • Stock Returns
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Distribution Management

Start Your CSSC Journey Innovative Learning Method

We offer a unique approach to achieving a qualification, tailoring studies to our learners’ in accordance with their needs and requirements. We promote best practice and high standards in industry, working to support and assist business and individuals through the implementation of blended learning.

Training Schedule CSSC 

Online Training Schedule

* (Online Training is held on the Conference Application (Zoom) can be accessed via Mobile or Laptop / PC, for more information contact us)


  • 1.950 USD. –
    • 40 classroom hours led by an experienced supply chain management expert.
    • Body of Knowledge
    • Work book with power point visuals, outcomes, summaries and key terms
    • Glossary of terminology
    • Self assessment questions for each module
    • 2 hours program
    • Multiple choice exam (60% minimum pass mark)
    • International Certification from VCARE Academy Inc, Canada

Why Choose Phitagoras?

Established in 2003, Phitagoras is the Ministry of Manpower’s Official PJK3 with No. KEP. P. 052 / BINWASK3-PNK3 / XI / 2017, Certified ISO 9001: 2015 certificate with Certificate No. FS 669848  from British Standard Institution (BSI ) and has 3 international accreditations from NEBOSH UK, CIEH UK and British Safety Council. Phitagoras also obtained a BNSP Competency Test Place license through LSP K3 ICCOSH and LSP OSHE Nusantara.


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